DTF stands for Direct To Film. This technique involves printing your design directly onto transfer foil and then transferring it onto your chosen product using a heat press. DTF printing is perfect for anyone who wants to customize t-shirts or any other textile product (cushion covers, masks, bags, sweatshirts, etc.)

Your file should not exceed 300cm x 56cm due to resolution limit.
Please use 300dpi files so we keep your files quality high.
If you want to order for example 10 meters of one file, you should rename the file ex: (DTF x 10 copies)
That means that we will print 10 copies of that file, 10 meters total.

We have a printing plotter, a hot or cold release film and a curing oven. The mirror effect design is printed with CMYK + white inks and then the powder is applied and cured in the oven to finish the print and be able to iron it on the garments.

Very pleasant to the touch, especially on cotton and polyester garments or mixed fabrics. It feels smooth, without a plasticy feel as long as it is applied correctly.

55 Washes. You have to wash it with cold water, with the print facing inside and at 800 rpm of the washing machine.

The DTF is more advantageous because of its adaptation to many more materials and types of tissue. Sublimation can only be applied to polyester.

1. Set the press temperature to 160 degrees Celsius or 320 Fahrenheit!
Pre-press the t-shirt or specific product for 5 seconds to remove moisture.
2. Center the transfer on the t-shirt and press for 10 seconds.
3.These transfers are for Hot and Cold film release, so as soon as you finish pressing for 5 seconds, remove the t-shirt from the heat press with the transfer still attached and let it cool little bit.
4.Once cooled, slowly remove the foil.
5. Place the t-shirt back on the press and press once more for 10 seconds. It is! You have a ready-to-use t-shirt!

In professional design programs such as Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop. CANVA can also be used.

It is very important to leave at least 4mm between each graphic element on the imposition for comfortable handling once the DTF is printed and cured.

All files are printed in RGB, in PNG, with a transparent background and at 300 dpi.

We ship worldwide, you can open this link to calculate the shipping time to your country.

Our turnaround time is up to 24 hours in some cases up to 48 hours.

Returns and exchanges

If you want to return the product, you are responsible for shipping costs and charges.

You need to send the product in the original condition back to us. After we receive the product we will full refund the amount that you have payed

With textile vinyl remover liquid. It is necessary to wet the part of the tail from behind, and with a cloth remove it and gradually undo it.